Reconciliation Commitment Statement

Emery Industries vision for reconciliation is that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of this country will be restored to a place of equity, dignity and respect. Our RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan) is a living document and as we grow and develop deeper relationships with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kin, as will this plan for improved reconciliation. Our Reconciliation Action Plan or RAP is an agreed strategy of how Emery Industries intends to contribute to the huge task of reducing the disturbing gap in living standards between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Aboriginal Australians. Our RAP follows the recognised guidelines of Reconciliation Australia’s RAP program under which commitments to action follow the well established themes of relationships, respect and opportunities. These themes align well with our own organisational values of respect, compassion, integrity, perseverance and celebration.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan can viewed on our website at: Emery Industries – RAP 2017

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