Emery Pharmacy Shelving (EPS)

Emery Industries have the pleasure of introducing our new range of Pharmacy Shelving.
Emery Pharmacy Shelving is manufactured in Australia to meet our markets challenging needs and to provide the best solution for our customers.
We have invested in the development of this solution and leveraged off work done in other parts of our business to improve our offering to the market.
EPS is specifically designed for the improved inventory management of Pharmacy stocks and offers the following to our customers:
■ Increasing Storage capacity of up to 45-50% in the same space
■ Improve stock management through use of FIFO inventory principles
■ Allows for better stock location through easy to use shelve configurations
■ Improved visibility of stocks to help manage stock levels better
■ Significantly improve access to stocks with less need to move other stocks
■ Simple to reconfigure to support process improvements
■ Saves time in stock selection.
■ More condensed stock with easy access means less wasted time moving to stocks for picking and replenishment

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