Wire Mesh Shelving

Your Australian Metric Solution is here.

We decided to change the paradigm of just putting up with what was given to us from overeas that our competition forces you to work with. The challenge we faced was the added difficulty in converting from odd sizes to work out what was going to fit into your work spaces. We figured you will have the same challenges, so we made the common sense decision (well we think so) to make the sizes easy to add, in order to work out the shelving vs space requirements.

The sizes are in easy 250mm gaps (1000, 1250, 1500, 1750mm).

So if you have a room that is 4.6m long then it is easy to work out that you can fit 1500 x 3 static units in the space along the wall (if that is where you want it to go).

The only other decisions are what am I storing on it and how deep and high are they, and how much of it there is. This will help you chose either the 450 or 600mm deep shelves and work out how many shelves per bay you need and will fit easily.

We are always here to help with that, but you know your products and volumes better than us, so that is really useful information to provide.

MEDIMESH provides innovative storage solutions for your health facility. The wire shelving can be quickly and easily changed to meet your needs. The range of functional accessories offers a vast variety of configuration possibilities.
MEDIMESH requires little or no tools for assembly. MEDIMESH design minimises dust collection on the surface and is easy to wipe down whilst maintaining excellent airflow.
Static shelving, mobile shelving and wall framed storage for hanging wire mesh baskets are available.
These storage solutions come in Nickel-Chrome & 304 Stainless Steel.