New CNC PressBrake Delivery

Posted on: March 15th, 2019 by n3tB1z No Comments


We at Emery Industries are very excited to welcome our new CNC PressBrake that was delivered today.

This will expand our capabilities to enable us to bring new and exciting products to the market for our customers. Our production team already has designs in process to make good use of our new baby. This CNC machine is just part of our investment program in producing the best medical equipment for our domestic market and opening up our export capabilities. It has been selected based on its accuracy, improved production cycle times, and greater flexibility.

It was great to see the smiles on our production crew as the unit was moved into place. We will be looking to expand this team in the near future as we are already have some excellent projects to get started on.

As you can see from the Australian Flag stickers on the front of the unit, we have purchased it from our local Australian equipment supplier. We are passionate about supporting our Local and Australian manufacturing industry.

It is our hope that our customers now come to us first, knowing the equipment we supply is well made and made by Australian staff using locally sourced quality materials.

We look forward to hearing from you all in the near future about your equipment needs.

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