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Well what can I say. This was one of the best conferences we have attended since we started over five(5) years ago. Sally and her crew must be congratulated for their oganisation of this event. Setup went smoothly for us which can sometimes be quite stressful as we have to build a small pharmacy in a few hours at each show we attend. It just shows how easy to install our solution is if I can do it.

The attendees at this conference are always a great bunch of people and very nice to discuss our products with. They are both interested and interesting and always give us new perspectives on what they have to deal with on a day to day basis. This in turn gives us opportunities to find solutions for them and continue to build a very symbiotic and supportive relationship. We look forward to developing your solutions for your upcoming projects as well as finding solutions to the ward stock control challenges that many of you mentioned you were struggling with.

Please feel free to contact us with your floor plans and drawings (however basic) for us to provide you with our complementary CAD solution drawings. These will prove to be an invaluable part of your design finalisation process as it lets you visualise the end solution. We can also add our options for you to make your decision on. (See our link:

You will be contact us now for our new range of hand-held scanners (PharmaScan) and our semi-robotic dispensary solutions (Pharmaflo). We look forward to discussing these valuable additions to our PharmaShelve shelving options. We are the only company in Australia to be able to offer your the full range of solutions for both back of house as well as front of house display options. With our solution, it allows you to grow with it, and all of your previous purchases form part of the solution. Nothing is disgarded and wasted in our model. We invite you to go you our link to read some more information on these exiting solutions.



Please feel free to contact my great team of representatives:

Joy Langfield (QLD)                             – M: 0424 944 906     E: 
Simone Emery (All Other Areas)    – M: 0407 277 906    E:

It was great to hear consistant posative feedback from our existing customers and posative comments from those considering our product for their facilities. Our flexible solution along with the great and easy to manage divider system was a constant theme of the show for us.

Just remember to look for Simone in the SHPA blog as she was selected to give her thoughts from an exhibitors point of view and I have been told she was a natural.

We look forward to seeing all of you in Cairns in September in 2013.

Best Wishes

James Emery

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