SS04IWBNEST.2 – IV Pole Internally Weighted Nesting Base

Item: IV Pole Internally Weighted Nesting Base with Power Board
Dimensions: 530 x 530 x 1330 + Power Board

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– These IV poles are space saving as they have the ability to nest together and can fit 10 of these poles in the space of 3 normal poles to maximise storage
– With Plug Boss D105PBOSSPA6

Part Number: SS04IWBNEST.2
Item: Internally Weighted Nesting Base With Power Board
Dimensions: 530w x 530d 1330 + Power Board
Base: 5 x Legged Internally Weighted Nesting Base
Weights: 7.2kg Internal Weights
Castors: 5 x 75mm swivel
Construction: Stainless Steel/Welded


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