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At Emery we have been helping YOU meet the challenges of OH&S Compliance today…


Why Lift when you can transfer?

This Linen Skip has been specifically designed around Queensland Health OH&S requirements. We worked with Queensland Heath to understand the issues they were having around this area and our design was developed to address these problem areas for their staff.

What are the reasons you should buy this Linen skip over others? (#1 your staff health)

1. It is a transfer only of the linen bag due to the innovative open design which reduces the need to lift.

2. The lower shelf has been raised to reduce the need to bend by staff.

3. The outside cage will restrict overfilling of the linen bag this reduces the overall weight of the bag.

4. Ease of movement when linen bag is full due to our use of 100mm castors instead of the industry standard 50mm castors.


SS40LR – Single Load Reducing Linen Skip – Request a Quote

SS42LR – Double Load Reducing Linen Skip – Request a Quote


Load Reducing Linen Skip Designed with Greenslopes & Pindara Hospitals (Ramsay Health) Occupational Health & Safety Designed Linen Skip to fit the reduced size linen bag used by the Ramsay Health.

The lower shelf has been raised to 500mm from the floor to reduce the need to bend by staff and castors have been increased in size to make the unit easier to move.

Product Code: SS40D – Request a Quote


Increased Stability, Increased Storage Space

Are your storage rooms jam packed?

What would you give for an IV pole where you can store ten(10) IV poles in a space equivalent to three(3) of the old style star base IV poles?

Emery Nesting IV poles have all of our excellent features:

1. Internally weighted bases – provides additional stability.

2. Full seam polished welds – no room for bacteria to hide.

3. Exclusive nesting system which still provides a five(5) castor stable star base

Product Code: SS04IWBNEST – Request a Quote


We are proud to Introduce

Are you looking for quality chrome mesh shelving at looking for value for money pricing?

Emery now supplies medical grade Nickel/Chrome (reduces rust) and Stainless Steel Mesh Shelving Solutions.

Out of the limited list of quality suppliers in the Australian market available today we know we are extremely competitive! We ask that you consider us when making your next purchase.

Click here to make an enquiry


Height Adjustable sinks to fit your space

You will be able to benefit from our expanding range of height adjustable sink solutions for CSSD. These include multiple sinks, varied bench sizes and underbench shelves so that you can maximise your storage space.

Measure up your space and Custom your sink Request a Quote

Product Code Displayed: SP540 Request a Quote


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