Infection Control

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Please find below an article issued today regarding the impacts of poor infection controls. I am sure that you are all aware of this, however it sometimes good to have a reminder of the potential outcomes of not being dilegent in this area.

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Source: Medical Search Artice – NZ hospital wards closed over highly contagious norovirus

31/10/2012 – Elderly patients in two wards at Auckland City Hospital in New Zealand remain in isolation after an outbreak of the highly contagious norovirus.

Last week three wards were closed in attempt to control the spread of the virus but one ward has since reopened and 11 people released from isolation.
A hospital spokesman told reporters on Tuesday evening that the number of people who had contracted the virus had shrunk from 13 to 11 over the past few days.
But 22 patients remain in isolation.
Earlier this month a ward at Auckland’s Middlemore Hospital was closed after an outbreak of the bug with almost 140 showing symptoms.
Tauranga Hospital has also dealt with a recent outbreak.
The virus can cause nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal pain.
Auckland District Health Board’s executive director of nursing Margaret Dotchin earlier said the hospital was implementing standard infection control measures to prevent further spread of the virus to patients and staff.

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