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Posted on: June 7th, 2013 by n3tB1z No Comments

Recently a hospital in the ACT contacted Emery Industries looking for a solution to an issue that had caused several lost time injuries.  They were attaching a B Braun space station to regular IV poles and this resulted in the unit having a high centre of gravity that caused the poles to over balance and fall over when being moved.

After many emails and conversations, Emery industries developed two different design IV poles to meet the design requirements.  These were sent to the hospital for testing and they were extremely happy with our new design SS04IWB.3 as shown below.

Features of this unit include wider base, internal and external weights and a modified pole that when manufactured to Emery Industries superior quality standard allowed the space station to be safely mounted on the pole significantly reducing the possibility of overbalancing.  The hospital went onto order over 60 SS04IWN.3’s.

If you are interested in the SS04IWB.3 or need assistance with problems that you are having then call 1300 618 100.


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